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Thank you for stopping by! We are the proud creators of Glitz, and are based right here in NZ. 

We have spent years on research and experimentation with formulations to create the absolute best product possible. Our fine cosmetic glitter range includes over 58 colourways. Our Glitz glitters are exclusive and unique in their commercial formulations. Glitz is luminous, and beautifying in it's applications. We are FDA approved, organic, and manufactured to the highest standard. They are commercial grade which guarantees the very best lasting sparkle, and more importantly, it makes them safe for the eye area, and gentle on your skin. Glitz can be used on the face, body, nails, in the hair, and eye area. 

We currently supply make up artists, cheerleaders, dancers, actors, beauty therapists, dancing schools, body painters, and nail technicians! Basically - anyone who's looking for a cutting edge make up look. Please feel free to email if you wish to invite "Glitz" to you're next competition or event. We are also now welcoming wholesale accounts so please feel free to make contact should you wish to stock our range. 

Glitz Cosmetic Glitters is protected by NZ intellectual property, including NZ patents, trademarks and copyrights.  

We hope that you enjoy browsing through the site, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.


Q: How do you apply Glitz?


1. For FINE glitter,  select your Glitz colourway, and have the glitz adhesive ready for application.

2. Make sure to apply  your foundation, and eyeshadow before the adhesive. Glitz glitter should be applied last.

3. Apply a thin layer of Glitz adhesive to the area you’d like the glitter adhered to. 

4. Wait approx. 10-20 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky, then apply your glitz glitter with a dabbing motion. 

5. After applying wait to dry before fully opening eyes to prevent smearing and smudging .
Glitz adhesive  keeps all loose product adhered to any skin surface without dulling the sparkle. 
The Glitz adhesive also prevents cracking, flaking or floating, offering a comfortable all day hold that dries completely with easy removal. For a more dramatic look, add liquid eyeliner and false lashes.


Chunky Glitter:
For our Chunky glitter, follow the same steps. Please note however, that our chunky glitz glitter is more suitable for the face, body, hair & nails. Chunky glitz isn’t recommended for use directly on the eyes - however our glitz finer glitters are eye safe, as well as being suited to all other applications. 

Q: What are the uses for Glitz Glitters?

A: Glitz Cosmetic Glitters work magically with all other make-up brands the applications of glitz glitters can be applied as eye shadows, eyeliners, glosses, lipsticks, lip tints, mascaras, blushes or bronzers. It can also be used as an addition to nail or body art. It can be used on it's own or as a cosmetic enhancer to add some wow factor to your make up. 

Q: What particle size is Glitz Glitter?

Glitz Glitters come in many different cuts and effects. They are crystal like, holographic, iridescent, shimmering and extremely brilliant. Glitter. particles sizes are .0800x 008 (200 microns) this provides the best coverage and brilliance. It is also very easy to work with and apply. Our loose glitter is a high-sparkle cosmetic grade with maximum light reflection

Q: Is Glitz Glitter Toxic?

No Glitz glitter is made of a special plastic that is non toxic, and not tested on animals. Glitz Glitter is coloured with pigments rather than dye so that the colour doesn't leach out and stain your clothes.

Q: Is your glitter "Cosmetic Grade"?

Yes. Our glitters are cosmetic grade glitters, made with FDA approved colorants.. They are also made from acrylic polymer (plastic), which makes them safe for face and eyes and body,. always make sure the proper applications such as the Glitz adhesive is applied with proper applications one wont have to worry about getting glitter in the eye.( using water to apply the glitter isn't a adhesive)

Q: What is the difference between craft glitter and cosmetic grade glitter

Craft glitter is generally made of metal and cosmetic grade glitter is made of plastic, Craft glitter runs high risks of serious cornea scratches or abrasions, cosmetic glitter is also more finely milled and usually cut into a circular shape, craft glitters and usually cut on angles.

Q: What is the best size glitter to use?

This all depends on how and what your are using it for. The "de facto" size for most cosmetic applications in the industry is .008 x .008 hex, which is our standard size. Anything smaller or larger tends to be not as brilliant or looks to chunky.Glitters come in many different cuts and effects. They are crystal like, holographic, Iridescent, shimmering and extremely Brilliant. Glitter particle size is .008x.008. This size provides the best coverage and brilliance it is also very easy to work with and apply

Q: What are the different glitter types?

A: Brilliance Glitters -
hese Opaque glitters are made of a coated acrylic polymer with metallic colored dyes to create the the most brilliant and visible sparkle.

Iridescent Translucent Glitters -
made from layers of mirco-thin polymers, separating light and creating a rainbow of color reflections that change with the viewing angle.

Prismatic Holographic Glitters -
glitter created from metalized, embossed, polyester that reflects a rainbow effect.

Neon and black Light activated Glitters -
These glitters are bright, bold and black-light activated


Q: Do you  supply wholesale 

Y : yes we do please feel free to email for more information. 


Q: Do you have a showroom

Y:  we are a online business. However you can view the product by appointment only

if you wish to please make contact with us. 

Please note: Glitz Cosmetic Glitters are protected by NZ intellectual property, including NZ patents, trademarks and copyrights. 

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