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Glitz washable - is a water based make up adhesive that is safe for the application on the Eyes - Face - Lips - Body. ( yes Lips !)

This is a must for the application of Glitz Glitter - holds the glitter on for the entire  day if no rubbing. This is great as it can be easily washed off at the end of the day with any make up remover. 


Designed in New Zealand. 

Glitz - washable water-based make up adhesive

  • How do you apply Glitz?

    1. For FINE glitter,  select your Glitz colourway, and have the glitz adhesive ready for application.

    2. Make sure to apply  your foundation, and eyeshadow before the adhesive. Glitz glitter should be applied last.

    3. Apply a thin layer of Glitz adhesive to the area you’d like the glitter adhered to. 

    4. Wait approx. 10-20 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky, then apply your glitz glitter with a dabbing motion. 

    5. After applying wait to dry before fully opening eyes to prevent smearing and smudging.Glitz adhesive  keeps all loose product adhered to any skin surface without dulling the sparkle. 
    The Glitz adhesive also prevents cracking, flaking or floating, offering a comfortable all day hold that dries completely with easy removal. For a more dramatic look, add liquid eyeliner and false lashes.

    Chunky Glitter:
    For our Chunky glitter, follow the same steps. Please note however, that our chunky glitz glitter is more suitable for the face, body, hair & nails. Chunky glitz isn’t recommended for use directly on the eyes - however our glitz finer glitters are eye safe, as well as being suited to all other applications. 

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